ZOL’s Wibroniks (LTE) Vs Telone’s Blaze

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ZOL and Telone are the newest providers of mobile internet and people seem enthusiastic to use their services as they have proven to be cheaper than mobile internet offered by Mobile Network Operators. Anyway, for now, let’s see which one between ZOL’s LTE and Telone’s Blaze offers a better deal.

Data packageZOL LTE priceTelone Blaze price
20 GB$132$102
100 GB$402$248

The table only shows comparisons between selected comparable packages of ZOL LTE and Blaze.


On all of the 3 packages, Blaze is evidently the cheapest service of the two. For 20GB worth of data, ZOL’s LTE is 29% more expensive than Blaze, for 100GB data, ZOL’s LTE is 62% more expensive than Blaze and for unlimited data, ZOL’s LTE is 32% more expensive than Telone’s Blaze.

The only good thing about ZOL’s LTE is that it has a cheaper entry-level data package relative to Telone’s Blaze- ZOL LTE entry-level data package cost $32 (for 2GB) whereas Telone’s Blaze entry-level data package cost $54 (for GB).


What’s your take?

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  1. Peter

    Thank you, can you do an article about Telone LTE like you did for ZOL. Issues include coverage, which band it will use, compatibility with phones etc

  2. Curious

    Thanks for the article but could you please do on Blaze and it’s attributes alone. How many gig are for the $54 entry price?

    1. zacky


  3. Frank

    It’s gud to also give the models of fone which are compatible, areas of coverage, top up methods.
    With the ZOL wibronics learnt the hard way, it won’t work in my Huawei Nova 3 device. Ended up downgrading to my old Samsung C9. Painful

  4. Gombwe

    your article is too pedestrian, i expected better analysis and comparison not only in terms of pricing. you can talk about coverage, speeds, hardware compatibility. this here is something i could just from my non-tech friends.

    1. Anon

      Would love to know how the signal strength compares…are there any buffering concerns on any one of them?

  5. Anonymous

    Your comparison is a bit simplistic. Zol data rolls over meaning it can last for 60 days

  6. emCee

    Weakest article I’ve read from Techzim…