ZOL Customers Having Trouble Buying Data On The ZOL Portal

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A number of ZOL subscribers have been having trouble buying data using the ZOL portal and the MyZol application throughout the day. I first came across this around 9 am when trying to buy a top-up package fruitlessly

I then tried to get in touch with the support on various numbers and all of them where not get through. After dragging myself out of the house and heading to a physical store, I was informed that this is a problem affecting a significant number of customers today and the cashier suggested that ZOL’s system for processing these payments might be down.

We’ve reached out to ZOL’s head of marketing to get clarification on what might be going on and she’s yet to respond. We will update this article once we’ve gotten an official comment from ZOL.

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  1. Jupiter

    ZOL customers have been having problems in general.

  2. Saturn

    Also problems with emails, doesnt for for days at a time over the last 3 months, and support is terrible, took over 2 hrs to finally talk to a support agent and be told “we dont know when its going to be fixed”