ZOL Announces New Prices For Fibroniks Packages

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Last Friday, ZOL announced new pricing for Wibroniks packages, they’ve followed that up with a new price list for fibre subscribers.

PackageData AllocationPricing
Fibroniks Lite40GB$268
Fibroniks Basic Essentials50GB$360
Fibroniks Family Essentials100GB$822
Fibroniks Come Alive150GB$914
Fibroniks Family EntertainmentUncapped$1,513
Fibroniks Modern FamilyUncapped$2,021
Fibroniks Turbo PackUncapped$3,443

We’ve had a problem with ZOL’s communication before and it seems that doesn’t change much. In their official communication to customers, ZOL chose not to write down the actual data allocations for each of the capped packages instead of opting to fill the data column for these with “Pay as you go”. Pay as you go isn’t data but the duration of the packages – sometimes you just can’t shake your head enough as you see these official communications. Instead of filling the columns with Pay as you go, we put in the data that comes with these packages at the present moment. We’re not sure if that will remain the case come November 1 but you have ZOL to thank for the slight confusion.

Anyway, Office packages for Fibroniks users will similarly be getting price adjustments:

PackageData AllocationPricing
Wibroniks Nano Office Unlimited$1,800
Wibroniks Micro Office Unlimited$2,264
Wibroniks Small Office Unlimited$4,249
Fibroniks Micro Office Unlimited$2,520
Fibroniks Small Office Unlimited$3,960
Fibroniks Office Unlimited$7,129
Fibroniks Large Office Unlimited$10,441

Finally, Wibroniks top-ups also got adjusted:

The new pricing for Wibroniks top ups come November 1, 2019


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  1. nightking

    well atleast their wibronicks network is reliable

  2. mjdthomas account 2435

    Wh y do you insist on cutting me off at the end of each month despite me having made topup before end of month I expect continued service with you i have been with zol since 1998and service is not good
    When i had do wait 5.5hour for my you are next in queue from6 to 25in line
    super pissed just to be reconnected