You Can Miss Out On Dstv’s New Channels If You Have One Of These Decoders

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According to MyBroadband, DStv users with certain old decoders will not be able to watch future channels that will be broadcasted using high band frequencies. Since DStv started broadcasting, they have used the low band. Unfortunately, better quality comes at an increased cost of bandwidth. Therefore, DStv decided launched a high band frequency satellite to expand their channels at lesser cost than they would incur by launching new channels on low-band frequency.

So customers who are in possession of certain old decoders and installations will not be able to get new channels which are delivered through high-band frequencies. Speaking to MyBroadband, DStv spokesperson said:

New channels and services still to be launched will most likely be broadcast from high-band frequencies.

There are also a handful of installation types that cannot receive signals on both high and low-band frequencies

MyBroadband went on to list models of decoders and installations that won’t receive high-band frequencies and, in turn, won’t show new channels that use the frequency:

  • DSR 3000 (SD PVR Decoder) in any installation.
  • TDS865IMC (2-tuner PVR) in an XtraView installation.
  • Explora 1 or 2 with a twin LNB installation.
  • TDS850IMC (4-Tuner decoders) with twin LNB installation.
  • Single cable installations in a multi-unit dwelling or complex with communal dish/distribution.

So if you have any of these old decoders, you will need to get a latest one to be able to watch the existing and future channels that will be delivered via high-band. Who knows, maybe the news channels to replace the History channel and others will be broadcasted on high-band frequencies?

Channels broadcasted on high-band

Walter Magaya’s Yadah TV is one of other 11 TV channels that are being delivered through the high-band frequencies on DStv. If you are watching Yadah TV,for instance, it means that your decoder or installation receives high-band frequencies and you won’t miss out on any Dstv’s new channels. Besides Yadah TV, the other channels using high-band frequencies are:

  • Times TV
  • Zodiac TV
  • QTV
  • CBC
  • Prime TV
  • Camnet TV
  • Maru TV
  • Now TV
  • TV Moz Int
  • One Zed
  • Diamond TV

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