Yo Mix Offering Good Data Deals Until The End Of October

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Over the last few weeks, I had been receiving a Yo Mix message alerting me to a significant discount that I had been ignoring because I thought it was just bait to get more people downloading the app:

THANK YOU for using YoMix! You have won a 60% discount on YoMix data bundles. Log in to your YoMix app today & mix a data bundle. Offer valid until 31/10/2019.

I finally opened the app and it seems the data deals are actually offering better value for your money than what you would get on the Econet USSD.

Right now on Yo Mix the offers I’m getting include the following deals:

  • 1.95GB for $13.69 (Daily). $30 gets you 1.5 GB if you’re buying daily data bouquets. This is also less expensive than NetOne’s 2GB bundle which will set you back $35.
  • 2.15GB for $56. A 700 MB weekly data bouquet costs $55. For the same price, you’re getting thrice the data.
  • 5.08GB for $141. A monthly data bouquet for 3.1GB will set you back $230

If you were going to buy the data bouquets anyway, it might be a good idea to instead turn to Yo Mix and save some money. Another reason why this might be worth checking out is that Yo Mix offers more flexibility with 3-day and fortnightly bundles, which don’t exist when buying data bouquets.

The deals will be valid until the end of October and as always there might be some variations on what you get since Yo Mix has always used variable billing for customers from time to time. I’ve seen a number of people get similar deals which means if you have the app installed it might be worth a look.



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  1. Anonymous

    They have since changed

  2. Anonymous

    seems not for everyone i am a reguler user of yomix but i am not getting this deal. that 1.95gb for me its going for$49