{Update} WhatsApp Mysteriously Disappears From Google Playstore

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Update: A WhatsApp spokesperson said the app is now appearing in Google Playstore search results after restarting Google Playstore. However, the spokesperson didn’t disclose the reason as to why WhatsApp had vanished.

Popular tipster, WABetaInfo has discovered WhatsApp has mysteriously vanished on Google Playstore. If you head to Google Playstore right now and search “WhatsApp”, the app won’t appear in the search results. Instead you will see the business version of WhatsApp (see below).

Even if you check the list of all apps made by WhatsApp on Google Playstore, WhatsApp is not appearing (see below). Neither WhatsApp nor Google has issued a statement explaining the disappearance of the world’s most popular social messenger app from Google Playstore.

But what’s weird is that if you click this link, you can actually download and install WhatsApp from Google Playstore. It could be just a glitch in Google Playstore’s system that is hiding WhatsApp from the search results. As for iOS users, WhatsApp is available on Apple App store.

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  1. Hacker

    It’s there

  2. Anonymous

    Iripo wani

  3. Jay

    Yadzoka kare

  4. SG


    I’ve reached out to both WhatsApp and Google asking what’s going on. I’ll update this article when they reply or when WhatsApp starts appearing in search results.


  5. Wilby jijo

    Sont worry guys. Ndataura nevakomana ve google and whatsapp ndikavaudza kuti vaidzose

    1. Anonymous

      You are very silly 😋