Seedstars World Pitching Competition Coming To Harare On The 25th Of October

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Seedstars Harare

Seedstars has become a mainstay in Zimbabwe and this coming Friday they’ll be hosting their 4th pitching competition at Impact Hub in the capital.

The event will be starting at 4 PM – probably made possible by the fact that there’s the anti-sanctions public holiday on the same day. It’s not entirely useless after all.

Startups that can take part in the pitching event should’ve raised at less than US$500 000 and also be possessing an MVP (minimum viable product) and existing traction will be an added advantage. Seedstars will also be considering if your idea is scaleable regionally and globally.

Some believe that scaling in Africa isn’t that hard (that’s if the funding is available) since African contexts and landscape are very similar depending on what problem you’re solving.

Ten startups who’ve passed Seedstars’ screening process will be competing for the prize on the 25th of October. Winners of the Harare Summit will get to go to the Seedstars regional summit and also the Global summit where they can win as much as US$500 000 along with equity investment and the networking opportunity.

We are very excited to come back to Harare for the fourth time! The stakes are higher than ever as we’ve been in this ecosystem for more years now and know there are companies in Zimbabwe developing high-quality products.

Claudia Makadristo -Regional Manager for Africa at Seedstars

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  1. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    “Startups that can take part in the pitching event should’ve raised at less than US$500 000”. Raised at least, or raised less than?

    1. Farai Mudzingwa

      Less than, thanks for that