POTRAZ – We Are Engaging Econet Over Sasai Spam Messages

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Whilst Econet’s track record of spamming users when they have a new service is pretty excellent or lacklustre (depending on which side of the fence you’re on) they’ve clearly outdone themselves when it comes to Sasai.

Users have been complaining of receiving as many as 6 messages in one minute notifying them of their friends who have joined Sasai.

In fact, it’s so bad the telecoms regulator has intervened and publicly announced that they will be engaging Econet over their behaviour;

We have taken note of the numerous complaints and views from consumers on the continuous receipt of the SASAI SMS. We are engaging the service provider and will communicate further developments.

POTRAZ statement on Sasai spam

The regulator has had to intervene because it’s gotten out of hand and whilst this is great for making people aware that Sasai exists, the disregard for privacy -maybe I don’t want my friends to know, I’ve joined Sasai- and Cassava’s belief that anyone would want that many messages are quite alarming. The fact that a significant number of people (or maybe one person overruled) within Cassava agreed that this is a great idea is quite worrying and reflects pretty badly on the organisation.

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  1. adv moyo

    crack the whip and protect the customer

  2. hit them hard

    thanks potraz, tired of this crap from econet every day, come down hard on those econet aholes !!!

  3. hit them hard

    They stole it from hiclicker – artwell makumbe and now they fear competition.

  4. Anonymous

    it’s just sad that Econet keeps POTRAZ’s lights on

  5. Interest

    I think they should be fined as an example… And use the money for social services

  6. Sagitarr

    EW spam is not restricted to the mobile platform only, I’ve written to them over adverts coming to my company email address (.co.zw) and had to create email rules to “flatten the phat”. Not exactly the way I prefer to operate but IMHO EW customer service is non-existent. If this department has a manager he/she must be sacked pronto – he/she’s useless. In Zim, it is foolish to provide your email address on any form presented to you. I have endless adverts from ads@econet.info that I never solicited. So, naah EW is not my favourite service provider currently.