Microsoft To Close Down Windows Phone 8.1 Store In December

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Another nail has been hammered into Windows Phone’s coffin. Microsoft announced that Windows Store for Windows Phone 8.1 will be discontinued on December 16,this year, making the obsolete operating system useless. Microsoft has been slowly leading Windows Phone to its demise. In October 2018, Microsoft stopped accepting the new apps for Windows Phone 8.1, and also stopped updating existing apps.

And now on the 16th of December, Microsoft will shut down Windows Phone 8.1 Store and Lumia phones will completely stop receiving support of any kind from Microsoft.

Support for Windows Phone 8.1 operating system ended on July 11, 2017. As a culmination of the end of support process, the Windows Phone 8.1 Store will shut down on December 16, 2019. Lumia phones using Windows Phone 8.1 and any apps that have already been downloaded from the Store may continue to work after this date

In simple words, you won’t be able to:

  • Download and install new apps.
  • Reinstall apps.
  • Access all features of apps.

However, any apps that you’ve downloaded already will continue to work, though with limited features, even after the store gets shut down.


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  1. Luminati

    On one hand, this means my chances of getting a mint Lumia 930 for a good price just went up, and on the other, it will be one step above a feature phone at best. Any way, it was a good innings. Lets see how it goes with the new android devices Microsoft announced.