ICT Minister Blames Sanctions For Zim’s Outdated ICT Infrastructure

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Minister of ICT Kazembe Kazembe blamed sanctions for making it impossible to modern the countries ICT infrastructure. Speaking to Herald, the minister said:

In order for us to catch up, we have to make sure that we do have the infrastructure in place.

To deploy that infrastructure, we need foreign currency. As long as we have these sanctions in place, there is no way we can earn the required foreign currency.

If Government does not have access to foreign currency, it cannot finance these projects because most of the equipment we deploy is imported. We import from companies like Huawei and ZTE, so we need foreign currency.

ICT infrastructure is resource hungry; it’s quite expensive and capital intensive and for our companies to be able to deploy ICT infrastructure.

They need assistance from international financiers and sanctions have blocked credit lines, which means our companies cannot borrow any money.

This means we always remain behind in terms of technology. We cannot embrace new infrastructure such as base stations for mobile connectivity or other ICT equipment. For us to be able to use the latest ICT applications, the latest smart solutions, we first have to have infrastructure in place. We have to ensure there is connectivity for everybody, and for us to have better connectivity, we have to deploy better infrastructure, which basically means we need foreign currency.

The story of the government blaming sanctions for the ills of the country has been told time and again. But the U.S and E.U deny the accusations leveled against by our government. Instead, the U.S and E.U attribute the country’s ills to gross corruption and mismanagement by Zimbabwe’s government.


What’s your take?

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  1. concerned

    matanga minister

  2. Anonymous

    If you think you can, or you think you can’t .You are most probably right.

    “As long as we have these sanctions in place, there is no way we can earn the required foreign currency.” Min. Kazembe. His thinking, and the governments thinking is the greatest ill this country has ever faced. If only they could reframe their mindset from sanctions are our biggest curse to sanctions are our greatest inspiration, we could probably be somewhere.

    A simple shift in mindset would let them liberalise these sectors. The government and certain entities are sanctioned. Why not foster entrepreneurs whom they have no ties with (cause the bigger picture is to enhance the tech space) who lobby for funding and build the infrastructure? Mindset, until it changes, ma1 guys.

  3. Tk


  4. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    The effects of sanctions are shown by the archaic vehicles that ministers have to drive due to the unavailability of forex. They have remained behind in innovations in the auto industry. Sanctions must go!!

    1. Grade 1 student

      Can you please explain how the removal of sanctions will avail forex? Also from what you said if I interpreted it correctly, you want sanctions to go so govt can access new loans so that they can buy fancy cars (that they don’t already have)? Some people just say things without applying their brains..

  5. Anonymous


  6. Bighorn

    Minister we are not kids we are adults what about the latest cars you are driving

  7. Common sense

    Why not use a portion of the billions govt loots from public coffers and abundant natural resources? Also, sanctions are not the reason govt can’t access loans. Our govt defaulted on their loan repayments years ago. It’s simple and good banking practice not to lend more money until you pay back your debts or at least arrange payment plans. This is common sense high school economics yet our govt takes us for fools thinking we’ll believe their excuses for bad governance and looting.

  8. Fohs

    Investigate potraz and tell us how they gave ZIFA 2 million dollars

    Stop talking rubbish