How To Avoid EcoCash Taking Your Money & YoMix Not Crediting Your Bundles

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If you an Econet and YoMix user who also happens to be on Twitter, you’ve most probably bumped into tweets like these:

Those are just a few of the tweets posted by disgruntled YoMix users who would have failed to receive YoMix Bundles after their money has been deducted from EcoCash. Econet and EcoCash have been dealing with these kind of complaints for several months now and what’s worse is that both companies seem like they are not doing anything to resolve this – judging by the length of the problem’s existence.

But luckily, there’s a simple option Yomix users can use and be spared the hassle of chasing Econet/EcoCash Twitter customer support trying to recover their money or getting their bundles.

How to purchase YoMix Bundles successfully

According to several people who use the following method, they hardly ever fail to receive their YoMix bundles.

  1. The secret is to first buy airtime outside of YoMix (you can use EcoCash or bank account to buy airtime or even top-up with scratch cards).
  2. Open your YoMix app
  3. Choose whether to purchase a Yomix bundle for yourself or for somebody. And also “mix” the bundle you want to purchase.
  4. Tap “Purchase”
  5. Now you will see 3 payment methods to purchase a YoMix bundle which are; Main Balance, EcoCash and Airtime Credit. Choose “Main Balance” to successfully complete the purchase.

N.B. Before you start the first step of buying airtime, you can first log into your YoMix and “mix” to check how much you want to spend on bundles so that you know how much airtime to buy.

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  1. Tendai

    Thanx so much but my money has not coming when i buy using eccocash

  2. Barnabas Shadenyi

    I suspect someone is attempting to fiddle with my Ecocash account coz on a number of occasions I have received transaction reversals messages for transactions I never did. How can I prove that nobody is trying to be no good, and I secure my account.

  3. Tinei

    Ecocash Zimbabwe never owns up last time they said that’s a Econet Zimbabwe problem, it’s been two weeks now I still ain’t got my money back.

  4. kacheya kufahakutizwe

    I hate been conned like this.It is twice buying data on yomix and nothing was credited