Government Speaks On Eddie Cross’s New Zim Currency Statement

Alvine Chaparadza Avatar

Secretary for Information, Nick Mangwana issued a statement concerning remarks by former legislator and Economist, Eddie Cross about the introduction of a new currency next month. In the statement, government only said that Eddie Cross is not the mouthpiece of the Government nor RBZ (so we shouldn’t listen to him) but surprisingly it didn’t deny nor confirm that there’s a new currency that’s going to be introduced next month – which leads to several conclusions. Here’s the statement:

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What’s your take?

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  1. Marvi

    so they didn’t deny it isn’t it..

  2. Mathuthu Tau

    Whether you drop an egg on top of the stone or the vice versa the
    result are the same. As long as we can not do away with corruption new currency can not do away with it.

  3. Martin

    Wasting money printing new notes. Why not just print more bonds with a higher denomination than 5bond? Makes sense since the value of the bond and the new money will be the same.