Google Releases ‘Paper Phone’ To Help Curb Smartphone Addiction

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Google has started a special experiment that would help you break free from the digital world for some time. Dubbed the Paper Phone, it’s exactly what it sounds like and will see you printing out a phone booklet to carry around with you instead of actual smartphones.

Paper Phone is part of the Digital Wellbeing Experiments platform, which launched five new Android apps that can help curb smartphone addiction. Paper phone is actually a phone that allows you to choose the information you need, such as contacts or task lists, and then organises it on a sheet of paper which you can then print.

The app connects to your Google account and gives you the option to choose what you want to display on each side of the paper booklet you print. After what selecting what you want to be on on your Paper Phone, you ask a printer for a print-out of booklet which will have some of the following items:

  • A map with directions from one location to another
  • Details for up to 7 contacts
  • Calendar appointments
  • Today’s weather forecast
  • A task list
  • An empty space for writing notes
  • A screenshot or picture

It even gets crazier. Paper Phone has what it calls paper apps that include games that you can play during that time when you don’t have nothing better to do than be on your phone. You can choose paper apps such as Soduko, Maze, Riddle, Recipe and many more. You can watch the following video if you want to learn more about paper phone:

Paper phone – A printable Paper Phone which helps you take a break away from your digital world

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Of course, if you actually need to make a call or send a text message, a Paper Phone is going to be useless so you might want to keep an actual phone. Paper Phone is certainly not convenient option for regular use, but it’s a fun way to get away from your smartphone for a day or two. It is now available as a free download from the Google Play Store.

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