Google Recorder Is The Best Application For Transcription We’ve Seen

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Recently, Google’s Recorder application leaked and right after seeing it in use, it looks like the best recording application currently available on Android. I couldn’t test it out personally since it only works on Android devices with Android 9 and upwards.

So not only does the Google Recorder allow you to record audio, but it also includes a live transcription tool. Best of all the transcription doesn’t require an internet connection.

This means if you’re in charge of taking minutes in a meeting, you’re a journalist and you record audio which you later transcribe or a student recording lectures this will come in handy. Manually transcribing audio is time-consuming and quite painful if you ask me, so this will be a must-have application if ever you need to transcribe audio to text.

The accuracy seems to be spot-on but without testing it on a Zimbabwean accent and only having seen it in action it’s hard to know whether or not it will be as effective for Zimbos. Even if it isn’t as effective I still feel the tool will be worth a look

You can download and test Google’s Recorder here

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