Explainer: What You Need To Know Before Buying ZOL’s LTE Data Sim Card

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What is ZOL’s LTE data sim Card?

It’s ZOL’s sim card that allows you to access internet on your phone via it’s LTE network.

Does it make calls?
No, it doesn’t. It’s a sim card that you use to access internet only.

How much is it?

ZWL $10

What’s the big deal with the LTE data sim card?

At the moment it offers data on favourable terms as compared to Econet, Netone and Telecel as we pointed out in this article and this article as well.

Can you use the LTE data sim card everywhere?

The LTE data sim card uses the same network used by ZOL’s Wibroniks. Since Wibroniks is not available everywhere, you cannot use the LTE data sim card everywhere also. Any area that doesn’t have ZOL’s LTE network doesn’t work the LTE data sim card

How do you know that you can use ZOL’s LTE data sim card in your area?

Click this link, which takes you to ZOL’s website, type your location and see for yourself whether there’s ZOL Wibroniks LTE network in your area or not.

If you don’t understand how that method works then you can just visit ZOL’s offices and ask them in person if you can use their LTE data sim card from your area.

Not every phone supports the ZOL’s LTE data sim card. So what kind of phones are compatible with ZOL’s LTE data sim card?

No, Zol says you can only use the SIM card on phones that have 40 band. Bands are the radio signals sent out by carriers so that your cell phone connects to make calls and use data. So to connect to the internet using ZOL’s LTE SIM card Wibroniks, your phone must be receiving 40 band radio signals.

I’m not sure if my phone has 40 band, what do I do?

You can either ‘Google’ the name of your phone to see what band your phone supports. If that doesn’t help, ZOL says that you can visit any of their shop and they will verify and test for free if your phone has 40 band.

What are the subscription prices?
Check ZOL’s Wibroniks page on their website to see how much you pay and how much you get if you want to use ZOL’s LTE data sim card.

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