e-Recruitment Portal For Nurses To Be Made Available To Other Provinces Soon

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Earlier this year, the government introduced the e-recruitment portal for nurses to apply for jobs. The goal of introducing the portal is to do away with the corruption that has become the norm for nurses looking for placements.

Whilst the launch of the portal was welcome, it wasn’t without its problems. The portal saw extended periods of downtime that made applying through the portal a difficult and at times impossible task.

The Minister of Health Care has come out with more positive news; the nursing portal will be available in other provinces around the country. At the time it was announced the government did not announce that the portal was province-specific and being that it was online I thought it was open to everyone but that wasn’t the case.

The much awaited e-recruitment for RGNs (Registered Nurses??) which started in July this year is in its pilot stage and is being handled by the ministry using software that is likely to lead to transparency and less bias.

As from next year, for the next intake, this will be done in each and every province where we will be able to take part in each particular assessment within that province.

Obadiah Moyo – Health and Child Care Minister

It will be interesting to see how this will be implemented. If the portal struggled with one province, how will they manage the demand of handling the rest of the provinces throughout the country?

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  1. Oskido


    A tacit admission by the government that all along there is bias in recruitment.

    TCP/IP is non regional anyone anywhere can submit an application online.