Cassava Fintech Apologizes & Explains About Sasai Spam Messages

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Cassava Fintech has heard your complaints about promotional spam messages of its Sasai app and they have apologized and fixed the issue. Company spokesperson said:

The instance of several messages received by some customers as part of the ongoing SASAI $10 million Chaka-Chaya paSASAI promotion has since been rectified, and SASAI regrets any inconvenience caused.

The complaints had even got the attention of the telecoms regulator, POTRAZ who then promised to engage Econet. Cassava says the bombardment of spam messages came as a result of wanting to increase winning chances of spam recipients in the Chaka-Chaya promotional draw that was held this past Wednesday. What an ugly and annoying way of increasing the odds in favour of participants. Cassava’s spokesperson went on to say:

Messages raising awareness about SASAI had been going out before, but because of the promotional draw yesterday afternoon, some customers that have many friends who have downloaded the app, started getting several messages inviting them to try the app and so increase their chances of winning something in the draw

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  1. King Culture

    I always had my doubts that this was their doing.

  2. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    I think Econet is hiding behind “invitations” as a way of spamming even non-Econet users. Most of the recipients of messages had no idea who the alleged “friend” they named was. If they were being honest in their actions they would have included the “friends” phone number. But, since it was probably a fictitious creation on their part, they couldn’t.

  3. The Principal

    Absolute nonsense. The main aim of a promotion is to increase the chances of a company to increase revenue in the shortest possible time, NOT to benefit the customer.
    It’s amazing how Econet employees think they are geniuses who can fool everyone around. The knew exactly what they were doing. They have ALWAYS done that. I remember the last time they gave me a chance to opt out of receiving some of their messages, I didn’t hesitate to do so. I greatly reduced the annoyance from Econet.

  4. The Principal

    Techzim, we need to be notified of replies to our comments here on your platform. You are lagging behind others on this one. One reason why we comment is to learn from different views of others given in replies.

  5. Salvage Garden

    Econet, all you had to do was give an honest and sincere apology to your subscribers. But no. Someone out there thought it would be a good idea kutiita ma schupeti… Tirikukuonai hedu