Call of Duty Mobile Has Over 10 Million Downloads On Android In Less Than A Week: Here’s Why

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On the 1st October, Call of Duty finally released their much anticipated mobile game and the game already has over 10 million downloads on Android alone.

I took it for a spin when I was trying to connect my DS4 (controller) to my phone and even though the game doesn’t have controller support, I’ll go ahead and say it’s pretty addictive.

Game modes

The game has a number of modes available right now:

  • Battle Royale – The pretty famous 100 ladies & gentlemen drop in a map and the last squad or man standing wins.
  • Team Deathmatch – Kill players on the opposing team. The first team to reach the score limit wins!
  • Search & Destroy – For each round, either work together to destroy an objective or stop an enemy from doing the same. No respawns
  • Domination – Capture and hold objectives to earn points over time. Reach the score limit to win.
  • Frontline – Kill players on the opposing team. You always spawn at your base. The first team to reach the score limit wins!

Matchmaking and data usage

Because the game has over 10 million downloads, matchmaking is extremely easy and doesn’t take that much.

I’ve played the game a lot more than I should’ve between today and yesterday (reviews are a good excuse at times) and CoD Mobile has used only 107MB which means you can even play this with mobile data since it’s dirt cheap. The app itself is 1.1GB to download so you definitely need to free up some space for this one.

Just like any other CoD the more you play, the more you level up and levelling up means getting new weapons, suits parachutes and attachments etc.

Now many people don’t bother with FPS games on mobile cause the controls don’t really translate well from consoles and PC to a mobile screen. CoD has done a decent job of it and I feel like it’s better than PUBG – I haven’t played Fortnite mobile so I wouldn’t know how that plays on a smartphone.

I took a short video of one 27 kill game I played because that illustrates the gameplay better than screenshots ever could:

If you’re a fan of mobile games or first-person shooters this is definitely worth checking out and I wouldn’t be surprised if this dwarfs Fortnite in popularity (on mobile at least). The controls seem better here -I can’t imagine building in Fortnite on your smartphone- and the matches are swift.


What’s your take?

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