​How To Backup Contacts On Android & Access Them On Another Phone

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While moving to a new device, the top priority for almost everyone is shipping your contacts to the new device. Android offers multiple ways to backup and export contacts. In this post, I will guide you through 2 easy ways to do that. The methods mentioned below are quite useful to backup contacts online and offline on all the Android devices.

Method 1: Google sync and Backup online

By default, Google offers the ability to sync and back up your contacts to your Gmail. Essentially your contacts will be saved online such that when you get a new phone and set up your Gmail account, you will be able to retrieve your contact from your old phone to your new phone

Syncing your contacts can be an automatic process. But to manually sync and backup them, you can go to Settings > Accounts and backup > Account > Gmail account> Sync account > and tap on Contacts tab.

You can check the data in Google Drive app to make sure that you have created a backup of your contacts. Navigate through this path: Google Drive > tap on hamburger menu > Backup > Device Backup > App data > and you will find Contacts data in it. When you get a new phone and put your Gmail account, you asked whether you want to restore contacts (or all your data) that you would have backed up.

Method 2: Download Google Contacts for Android & backup offline and online

With the Google Contacts app, you can also download and store your contacts on your phone so that when you get a new phone you will just transfer the downloaded file with your contacts from your old phone using Bluetooth. How it’s done: Download Google Contacts app> go to Settings> choose the Export option.

The app will generate a .vcf file on the device for offline access. You can either keep the file on your phone or upload online so that when you want it you can just download it and open it on a new phone to restore the contacts.

NB: You can also use the Google Contacts app to backup your contacts online.

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