ZOL Introduces LTE Data Line To Compete With Econet & NetOne

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In these trying times, businesses are forced to up their game and give customers the best experience possible. For ZOL that has meant rolling over data for capped subscribers, anniversary billing for uncapped subscribers and now the introduction of LTE data lines that will work on your phone.

The data line will work with existing ZOL Wibroniks packages and will cost $10 to buy.

Wibroniks capped packages

  • 2GB – $24
  • 3GB – $34
  • 5GB – $52
  • 15GB – $106.50
  • 20GB – $122
  • 30GB – $191.50
  • 60GB – $272.50
  • 100GB – $402
  • Uncapped/Unlimited – $626.50

There were two interesting responses to the announcement made by ZOL with one customer claiming they have the line and it works brilliantly whilst another said the same thing but complained about battery life.

Without having tested the LTE lines for ourselves yet we can’t be sure if the battery life issue is an isolated incident but kudos to ZOL for continuing to expand what they offer their customers in these trying times.

Sleepless nights for MNOs?

Comparing the prices between Wibroniks and what you get from mobile network operators suggests that the MNOs could be in trouble here.

For instance, Econet’s $30 daily bundle only gets you 1.5GB and you’re forced to use it in one day whilst Wibroniks has 2GB for $24 that you can use for 30 days. Similarly, $20 gets you 1GB on NetOne but again you have to use it in 24 hours.

We’ll get the line and test it out for ourselves and bring you feedback on how it performs



What’s your take?

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  1. raphael

    ko vamwe vari kuti harishande ma fon ese wani.hanzi band 40 ne 41 chete

    1. lovejoy chanakira

      Went there with my Mate 20 Pro hanzi it’s not compatible

      1. Farai Mudzingwa

        Did they explain why??

  2. Bhinikwa

    Only LTE capable phones can be used. I use it most areas in Byo. In Gweru,Gwanda, Beitbridge it works like a charm.

  3. Dhara

    Yomix still savey

    1. Tendai Jirivengwa

      ZOL is the best trust me

    2. Charles Tsingano

      Does ltel P7 pro capable?

  4. Always off topic

    When you get your line, please test with a wide range of phones (3.5G ,3G,), so we can see what works or other wise.

    1. Zibusiso Masuku

      It’s an LTE sim. Only. Accepts bands 40 (2300) and 41 (2500). It won’t be compatible with 3 or 3.5G. Most 2019 phones are capable, hence the caveat, please check if your phone is compatible first.

  5. Samaita

    Been the LTE line since June, it’s been working wonders, no hiccups, it flows! Very affordable and reasonable!

    1. Tendai Jirivengwa

      its just magical

  6. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    I think they were “inspired” by Rain https://www.rain.co.za/ . Theie data prices are a bit high, and given our heavy loadshedding, I wonder if they will be able to maintain a decent quality of service if more subscribers come onto their platform.

  7. Jasy

    THE BATTERY LIFE ISSUE IS REAL.i have a very good battery on my Samsung j6 but of late it had been draining faster than usual,and not because im now online all day long,(because i always have been, with my econet line).To confirm this i took out the zol line;switched back to my econet line went online the whole day through and lo and behold my battery consumption returned back to normal

    But other than that THE ZOL LINE IS AWESOME!!!!!

    1. Farai Mudzingwa

      Thanks for your comment, will definitely help us out when we review it and also to get answers from ZOL

      1. Takura

        Hw are you Farai
        I am in Chiredzi and i want you internet facility
        Whom can i get touch will

        1. Joseph

          Hi takura app me on 0774863306.i will get you in touch with a Zol agent in Chiredzi

        2. Farai Mudzingwa

          Hi Takura, the internet facility isn’t ours but actually ZOL’s. You can contact them on +263 8677 123123

          1. Thulie

            You don’t respond to our calls been calling for days and days

            1. Thulie

              ** they

  8. Lewin Neshamba

    Okay ko PA coverage yakamira sei. I stay in hotsprings iri between mutare and birchnough Bridge

  9. Kudzi

    Is it not the same company Zol and Econet?

    1. Anonymous

      Its not

    2. The Principal

      Good question. Zol is a subsidiary of Liquid Telecom. Liquid Telecom is a subsidiary of Econet Global. Zol therefore is indirectly part of the Econet Group, though it runs as an independent company.

  10. Thulie

    Why is it like some of our balance remains very low even if we recharge using ecocash and now l can’t buy data. Your service provision is now bad the helpline does not assist us at all, calling for about 20 mins and no response

  11. kelvin

    Were cn i get zol line in gweru

  12. blaire

    does this thing work? cuz zvemuZimbabwe ma!

    1. Farai Mudzingwa

      Depends on your area so you should enquire before buying

  13. Sharai Mandiudza

    You did not respond to a question about coverage. Does it work everywhere there is econet coverage?

    1. Farai Mudzingwa

      No not everywhere, for particular areas check ZOL’s website for coverage maps for the WiBroniks service

      1. Felicitas

        hie Farai, i want a zol line where can i buy it

  14. Anonymous

    Did it work on a laptop

  15. Owen

    Please how can I get in touch with the agents I’m in Kadoma

  16. Farai Chikumbu

    How do i get the Line

  17. Missy Ceepy

    10 yuwesi here? Are your prices in aratijiesi or usd?

    1. Tariro

      I want a clarification too ipapo

  18. Nyakudya S

    Net1’s $20 charge gives 10g for a month not 24hrs

  19. Nyasha

    How do i request my data balance

  20. Mk

    The place that I live seems like it’s out of range in Nkulumane 10