Zimbabwe Listed Among Top 20 Ease Of Doing Business Reformers

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Doingbussiness.Org has named Zimbabwe among the top 20 improvers for doing business. This is a critical sector that many potential startup founders follow with baited breathe and it’s good to see some positive movement in that regards.

Zimbabwe is among five African countries which have improved including Djibouti, Kenya, Nigeria, and Togo.

Zim is noted as having made improvements in five areas;

  • Starting a business – (1)”by improving online name search and (2) reducing the Harare Municipality business licensing fee”
  • faster approval of construction permits – “(3) more frequent sessions by the municipal building commission in Harare.”
  • Deeds registry implemented an internal tracking system – (4)”allowing applicants to track their applications throughout the property transfer process”
  • Introducing a new reorganization procedure, allowing creditors to vote on the reorganization plan

Of the 190 countries Doing Business looks at Zimbabwe ranks 155 with an ease of doing business score of 50.44 over a 100. This is 1.17 points below the regional average and 14.96 points from continental leader Botswana.

Some factors vital to potential startup founders rank lowly;

  • Starting a business – ranked 176 with a score of 66.48/100
  • Getting electricity – ranked 166 with a score of 44.81

Where we shine is in the ability to get credit (ranked 85) and protecting minority investors (ranked 95).

Download the Doing Business 2019 Zimbabwe report here.

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