Your Phone’s Battery Might Soon Get Fully Charge In Just 6 Minutes

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A British startup, Echion Technologies has reportedly developed technology that could potentially charge your smartphones and cars in just six minutes. Yep, you read that right. Your electric car could soon charge within 10 minutes eliminating all the charging hurdles faced by Electric Vehicles makers and smartphone makers. Dr. Jean De La Verpilliere the co-founder of Echion Technologies said:

The powders are the central component of a lithium battery. This is a new kind of powder which allows you to recharge in six minutes, not 45 minutes. This includes a car, so your electric car is almost as easy to charge as it is to refuel conventionally.

As to how the startup even managed to do so, Dr. Verpilliere said they developed a new powder which is not disclosed at the moment (for obvious reasons) that would replace graphite and he claims that it won’t explode, unlike current Lithium-ion batteries.

The problem with the usual powders is that when you fast-charge them they can cause an explosion. With the new material – which I can’t tell you any more about – it will accept fast-charging with no safety hazard, unlike graphite

While we have heard about such ambitious projects claiming to eliminate the time taken for charging, there is a huge difference in this case. The project is already in the prototyping phase and Dr. Verpilliere says that the technology is ready to be commercialized sometime in early 2020.

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