Xiaomi’s Mi Mix Alpha Looks Like Something From The Future

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When foldable phones started getting announced, a number of people questioned whether these phones are necessary. I’m sure Xiaomi’s Mi Mix Alpha will get the same reception due to its futurist appearance.

The phone has a display that wraps around and is only interrupted by a camera strip used to house the 108 MP camera module. Xiaomi says the phone has a screen to body ratio of 180% – unmatched by any competitor of course.

Interestingly Xiaomi’s video promoting the phone kind of acknowledges how this phone is just overkill:

In a world of infinite possibilities, where will your next adventure take you?

Perhaps you find yourself taking your own path. You choose this path not because it will lead somewhere. But for the feeling of excitement, uncertainty, exploration.

Challenge the impossible to make the future possible.


Xiaomi definitely took their own path here as Samsung and Huawei are hyping up their foldable smartphones.

The phone will have a Snapdragon 855+ processor, 12GB RAM, 512GB storage, 40W fast charging. At 241g, the phone comes is 9g away from weighing in at a quarter of a KG.

Of course, there are no buttons, which means pressure-sensitive sides for volume controls.

Interestingly, the display at the back is said to have AI detection algorithms that understand when you’re in a cab, airport, or at home and pull up an application to help with whatever you’re doing. I’m not sure if this means the camera is constantly on to help with scene detection or if the phone uses your location to determine this but it sounds creepy if you ask me.

For all of this, you’ll have to part with $2,800+ for the device which will be built in small-scale production towards the end of the year. For those who would like to complain about functionality and the price – this is a concept phone. You’re paying for the engineering more than anything else so don’t compare it to a regular phone and say it does the same thing.

What’s your take?

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