Telecel Silently Increases Data Prices & Its Subscribers Don’t Mind

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Telecel has taken the quiet route of just hiking its data prices without warning subscribers. Reviewing prices these days is usually preceded by a announcement that warns subscribers of an impending review but Telecel didn’t do, it just woke up telling its customers the prices. It’s not a requirement in the telecoms industry but it’s arguably becoming an industry standard so that’s why I expected them to warn customers beforehand. Take a look at the new prices:

Daily data bundle

Weekly data bundle

The new data prices are only for daily and data bundles only. I’ve reached to Telecel to asking them if the monthly bundles are remaining the same or they no longer available and I’m yet to get a reply from them- I’ll update you.

In addition to this, Telecel also increased International voice and SMS tariffs.

Coolest customers in town

Although the news of increased data prices are supposed to enrage people (even though they know general prices are on the rise), I was surprised to notice that Telecel customers are not complaining at all about the review. Rather, they look like they are cool with the new price and, however uncool with the performance of their network. These are just a few comments I took from Telecel’s Twitter and Facebook page and I assure you a majority of the comments are about network problems rather than the new prices of it’s bundles:

A couple of times I made comparisons to find out which Mobile Network Operator is the cheapest, Telecel always came out on top. Telecel subscribers seem to know that their service provider has the best rates in town even taking into account the price hike, that’s probably why they are not mad about the new prices.Instead, their anger is directed at their service provider’s poor network.

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What’s your take?

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