Techzim Is Hiring, Do You Like Experimenting And Growing Business Online?

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Hey there, we are hiring!

We are excited by the steady growth of Techzim Market, the online commerce side of our business. Growth comes with the challenge to keep growing. We intend to meet this challenge head on. We are thus looking for an individual who will go on this fun adventure with us.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for an insatiable learner who is curious and determined to test things and explore. The person must be results driven and not just about talking a big game.

Our ideal person must love tech, love selling, love numbers (and not guesswork).

What is the job?

The new gal/guy will join our e-commerce team and be responsible for growing our sales through digital marketing and sales efforts.

How do you apply?

Please do not send your CV! Instead, kindly do the following tasks for us to get an idea of whether you are a fit or not:

Task 1
If given the responsibility to promote Techzim Market and increase sales, describe briefly (in bullet form and with a short description of each point) what you would do to achieve this.

Task 2
Write two paragraphs describing what you don’t like about Techzim Market right now.

Please send in the tasks above to In your email please tell us why you are the right person to be given the job to promote Techzim Market and grow sales. The email must be sent by end day Thursday the 5th of September.

Candidates that seem to be a fit for the position and our culture at Techzim will be invited to interview early next week.

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  1. Van Lee Chigwada

    I do not want a job but I’d like to offer pointers, if I may?

    1. Anonymous

      Wanted to say the same thing

    2. Anonymous

      Wanted to say the same thing