Netone Increases Data Bundles & OneFusion Prices. Here’s What You Now Pay

Alvine Chaparadza Avatar

As you were warned yesterday, Netone has reviewed upwards its data bundles Fusion packages. Here’s what will you now pay:

Daily bundles

Weekly Bundles

Monthly Bundles

One Fusion


What’s your take?

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  1. Euclid

    Thanks fpopor this article, but you seem to have posted the tariffs as images rather than the usual tables. The disadvantage is that those who use screen-readers to access this page have not benefitted from this article, promising as it was. So would you please add text to your images, or add tables with the text so that all visitors can read? as it stands right now, I don’t know the new tariffs, save that you just delineated the tariffs under the headings of daily, weekly, monthly and one fusion. Thank you.

    1. Alvine Chaparadza

      Hi thank you Euclid for the feedback. I’ll do that.