Muzinda Hub Expanding To Namibia, First Class In 2020

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Muzinda Hub’s expansion isn’t slowing down – after announcing that the technology hub would be launching in Botswana earlier this year, Namibia is up next.

The training overview suggests that Muzinda’s program will not be that different from what they already offer elsewhere:

Muzinda Hub is officially launching in Namibia in 2020 and we are looking for motivated men and women looking to learn how to code through its five month Digital Skills Training Program consists of:

* Specialised e-learning coding modules (in conjuction with Treehouse);

*Business & entrepreneurship skills training; and

* Practical group project development experience.

Successful participants gain a firm understanding around coding, project development, project management and business skills training by the completion of the programme.

Muzinda Hub

The five-month program will start on the third of February and end on the 19th of June. Everything down to the price seems to be similar regardless of which country you’re enrolling in.

Recently Strive Masiyiwa spoke more about Muzinda Hub’s launch in Botswana and outlined the expectations they had for participants and it’s safe to say similar will be expected of Namibian participants :

Within six months we expect the Muzinda Hub Botswana students to be software developers who will be able to create apps and websites and work as freelancers or get employed full or part time. (Coding is the most sought after skill globally with an unemployment rate of 4%). On average our alumni earn $1500 per month a freelancers. Based on stats from our alumni database, we expect 70% of these students to become freelancers earning on average a combined income of $6.3 million per annum using their new skills.

We also expect 10% of these graduates to pursue the formation of their own tech startups whilst on the program. Through this program these startups will be incubated to the point of having a working prototype and a fundable business case! These 10% can slot naturally into the incubation program currently at the Innovation Hub in Botswana as well as other international accelerators. (#Senior Class: Please tell the others on the platform what an#Accelerator is… Important to know!)

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  1. Phidza

    Which companies are employing Muzinda Hub alumni in Zimbabwe? Is it feasible to go from beginner developer to expert in 5 months?

  2. Frans

    I m from namibia i would like to join mmuzinda