How To Boost Your Skill Set And Earn A Course Certificate Online – For Free

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At Techzim we believe that you can never know too much, and you can definitely never know it all. That’s the whole point of training and education, right? It’s important to always keep learning. However, we all know that, in general, education and training ain’t cheap. Luckily, there are always companies, institutions, and app developers coming up with new ways to cater to everyone.

The app that we’re introducing to you today does just that. The app is called FCertify (Free Courses with Certificates). This app hosts many different free courses offered by big names such as Google, Microsoft, Udemy, and Hubspot, and the best part is that you get a certificate after completing the course. This will add value to your CV by bumping up your knowledge and skills list. I myself took an online course for beginners in Google Analytics using this FCertify app and, I have to say, it’s easy to use and serves its purpose well.

Type of course content used

The course consists of videos which are available for you to stream online using the app, however the Google courses also make their video tutorials available on YouTube. In the event that you are not a fan of video lessons or just want to save data (believe me, we understand) then you can always just open the text version of the courses which is made available with every video too. You can read the full course content online or save it to your device to read.

What are the benefits of using the app?

Now, I know you may be wondering, “Why would I use this app instead of going directly to where Google or Udemy or Microsoft have the course?” The answer to that would be: for the sake of ease and convenience. You get all those courses and more in one place, at one time. You can access all of the different courses from different companies using one single app.

The FCertify app is available on PlayStore if you’re interested in earning a beginner or advanced certificate online in courses for things like analytics, marketing, sales, and even design. There is also a paid version if you want to expand your course options, but the free version works well actually, especially if you are starting out and looking for something more beginner-friendly. You can download the app and have a full look at the free course options offered here.

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