Finally NetOne Allows You To Save Data By Switching Off Out Of Bundle Browsing

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Almost 4 years ago, Econet introduced an option for subscribers to switch off and on permission to use regular airtime (non data bundle airtime) to access the internet.

This was Econet’s effort to protect subscribers from ‘disappearing data.’ The biggest reason subscribers get surprised by the disappearance of their airtime is that their mobile device operating system and applications can update in the background thus accessing the internet without the subscriber knowing. This solution would at least solve this problem.

By switching off ‘Out of Bundle Browsing,’ Econet subscribers can keep their regular airtime safe by blocking access to the internet by any background apps or any other apps. So if someone has a WhatsApp bundle only for example and other airtime lying idle, they will access WhatsApp just fine but won’t be able to access anything else on the internet. If their WhatsApp bundle runs out, they will fail to access anymore even though they may still have the regular airtime.

We all wondered why NetOne and Telecel would not do the same. It’s a really convenient set up. More than 3 years later, NetOne heeded our collective call.

How do you switch off out of bundle browsing on NetOne?

To switch off (or on) out of bundle browsing you dial *130#

You then select Option 1 which says “Out of bundle data charging.” You then choose option 2 which says “Block.” If you want to switch it back on in order to use regular airtime to access the internet again you will have to select option 1 “Allow,” at this fork. There is also the option to check the setting you are on currently.


What’s your take?

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  1. chris

    Netone has successfully became my network of choice. My buddie line rave mukamboudzi kuitira those who have my old contact number. Almost a year now and I’ve never regretted the move.

    One wallet tarrifs are cheaper too


    This is great. Has someone also pushed for content bundle at netone. I may want to manage my airtime by converting to kuluma 24/7 only what I want to use for voice calls and reserve some for later use.

  3. batsirai goto

    I bought recharge airtime using ecocash and up to now there is no airtime. Have I lost my money through techzim?

    1. Tinashe Nyahasha

      Please email us your details Batsirai using the airtime feedback form so we can track what happened.

  4. Marek

    Just was trying and it is no working

    1. Anonymous

      You’re right buddy. Switched off background data but alas! my airtime keeps disappearing..Net1 Netone…NOT1

  5. Admire Mwareya

    Yes this is a great deal service now. thank you for your improvements

  6. Munashe

    Out of bundle browsing options *130# is not working. It returns error “wrong keyword” someone pls help

  7. Que

    I bought an hourly data bundle and the network was down for the whole hour so I couldn’t use the bundle

  8. Tinashe

    Even you block OBB airtime is still disappearing …don’t wats going on

  9. Noreen Tsiko

    My artime disappearing plz assist

    1. Tinashe Nyahasha

      Hi Noreen
      Netone recently did an upgrade of their system. Unfortunately the upgrade resulted in weird things happening: people losing their airtime/dat and some get airtime from nowhere. It looks like out of bundle browsing was switched on for some people as well. Please try switching out of bundle browsing off again by dialing *130#. Also call Netone customer care because they promised to reimburse affected customers

  10. Garry mutonga

    *130# its not working for out data browsing i have tried for several times

    1. Tinashe Nyahasha

      Oh no, Now I can only hope they fix this soon