eSports Zimbabwe Partners With TechXHub As An Equipment Partner

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[Image Source: SteelSeries]

eSports Zimbabwe has announced that they will be partnering with TechXHub as their Gaming Peripherals distribution partner.

TechXHub is a Dubai based company that was appointed by Steelseries as its regional distributor in the Middle East and Africa back in August.

eSports Zimbabwe will get access to gaming equipment and products from Steelseries – a world-renowned brand in the gaming community.

We are massively excited to announce @techxhubIMEA Techxhub as our Gaming Peripherals distribution partner. Esports Zimbabwe will benefit by getting access to globally acclaimed premium brand like Steelseries & it’s stunningly amazing Gaming Products to promote gaming in Africa.

Strategic collaboration to promote esports in Africa for gamers to get access to good quality gaming gear and hardware that is the best in the world.

This partnership will enable Esports Zimbabwe to harness the aerodynamic potential of the Concept and allow us to compete at the national and international that we aspire to – whilst looking pretty dope whilst we do!

For us at Esports Zimbabwe it is to support our youth team and help develop them to the best of their potential (we still have some exciting details to announce in relation to this – we’re getting there!) and ensuring they have access to the best kit available.

eSports Zimbabwe statement via Twiter

Techxhub also struck a similar deal with Ghana Esports and Kiddie Esports (also from Ghana).

We’ve reached out to eSports Zimbabwe to understand what kind of peripherals and products they will be getting access to as part of the partnership. We will update this article with the information we get back from them but my gut feeling is that Gaming mice and keyboards will be part of the deal, and those can improve competitors efficiency in eSports tournaments.


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  1. Ronaldo

    Where can I learn more information about eSports in Zim?

    1. Thomas Arnold

      Check out their Facbook page or twitter.

      1. Anonymous