Breaking: High Court Sets Aside 2% Tax Introduced By Mthuli Ncube Last Year

Alvine Chaparadza Avatar
High Court of Zimbabwe

Fresh news coming out from High Court is that Justice Zhou has set aside the Statutory Instrument(SI), SI 205/2018 which was used to introduce the 2% tax. The case was argued by prominent lawyer and Former Finance Mnister, Tendai Biti. We are not yet sure if the ruling is for the case we wrote about last year. In a tweet, Zimbabwe Human Rights Laywers said:

The SI was introduced back in October last year to widen the tax base and it has since raised millions of dollars for the government that are being used to rehabilitate the water infrastructure among other things. But today that SI unit has been set aside. We don’t know yet whether the ruling immediately puts a stop to the charging of the 2% tax or not. More to follow on this story.

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  1. anonymous


  2. JC

    Interesting. Will keep our eyes and ears open on this one

  3. Audrey

    Financial relief at last.But inflation is taking its toll.

  4. Makusha Mugabe

    Should never have been passed, or implemented. 2% when I transfer to my unemployed uncle, 2% when he withdraws, 2% when he transfers to his unemployed son, 2% when he transfers to his daughter, 2% when she buys a book she needs for school. This is the same money being taxed multiple times. No wonder @Ntuli is boasting a surplus!

  5. Simba Chips

    Not only do O want this 2% tax to stop but I also want my money that Mthuli stole using this fake SI205. Please give us back our money it’s a lot of money!