With Protests On The Horizon, You Better Have A VPN Ready In Case The Internet Is Switched Off Again

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Major opposition party -MDC A (its MDC A right??)- has protests planned for August 16 (tomorrow), which means we could end up with limited access to the internet or if push comes to shove no internet at all.

Let’s talk VPNs

If access is blocked off for social media and messaging apps –as it was earlier this year– then you’ll need a trusty VPN with you to stay connected. Interestingly, not all VPNs will do the job as we saw last year. Some VPNs got blocked and stopped working altogether. In the event that this is the case again you’ll need to use a really good VPN in the event that social media is blocked again.

The most effective VPN for me was Shadowsocks and it continued working until the internet was entirely shut down. Another option to consider is the private browser Tor which now has an Android option that’s much easier to set up compared to the desktop app.

Of course, if your VPN worked throughout that whole episode then it might be a good idea to stick with it. A little research on whether that particular VPN is safe or not might go a long way as we later discovered that free VPNs are not always the safest option.

Telegram, remember that app that was the king of messaging in Zim for around 3 days, you might want to install that sucker again. It’s much harder to block than WhatsApp and is one of the reasons why the internet was completely shut down as people had a cheap communication tool again.

Worst case scenario

If the government goes ahead and just shuts down the internet altogether, your VPN, Tor Browser and Telegram will be of no use at all. We hope none of the above happens but with planned protests tomorrow, things could go sideways and if they do you better be prepared.

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  1. Dave

    Rephrase the title of your article only after reading the article did the contents make sense but the tittle is all wrong

    1. Anonymous

      Your are right br.

  2. Anonymous

    You don’t have to don’t have to praise the gvt for shutting down the internet, by that simply it’s to say they have the right to shut down internet at every demo, that wrong . Internet it’s every citizen right to it,
    We can’t punish our children bcz they are asking for 🍞.

  3. rethink your wording

    If the internet is “switched off” , a vpn isnt going to help anybody here… if certain sites/services are blocked then a vpn might help…

  4. Nick Statman

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