Watch: Zimbabwean Arrested In China For Stealing $1 300 Using Fake Bank Cards

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A Zimbabwean made headlines for the wrong reasons when he was arrested in Macau for withdrawing money from ATMs using fake bank cards. Watch this report by a TV station in Macau:

How the fraud typically happens

In order to steal PINs and magnetic stripe details, the fraudsters often use skimmers, which can be attached to ATMs or Point of Sale devices, to copy your details. As a result, fraudsters who capture details will create dummy bank cards and use them to withdraw your money.

How this Zimbabwean did it

Beneath the internet that most people use daily, there is whats called the dark web where a darknet market exist. In the darknet market, you find fraudsters trading weapons, drugs, counterfeit money, credit card info and so many illegal stuff.

I suspect that that’s where this Zimbo was contracted to go to Macau and withdraw money using fake cards. In a nutshell, he was a runner. And for being a runner, he received 30% of the proceeds and the rest was remitted to his bosses. But unfortunately he was only ‘$1 300 successful’ in his endeavor’.

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