Warning! FBC Tells Clients To Ignore Fake Message Asking For Account Details

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A week ago CBZ sent out a warning to their clients regarding a fake message that was circulating asking for clients details. It seems this is not a situation exclusive to CBZ as FBC is also sending out a similar message.

FBC Bank notes with concern the spread of fake communication across various platforms purporting that the bank is requesting client’s CVV/CVC2/CVV2 number and any other account details.

We advise our valued clients and all stakeholders to disregard the false messages which are not originating from FBC Bank and not to disclose their full card number, PIN number, CVV number, Card expiry date, OTP or any one of the card security details to anyone by any means, including those claiming to be FBC employees.

Please be advised that FBC Bank and Building Society are not in way associated with individuals communicating with our clients using unofficial contact details requesting for confidential card details.

FBC Official statement

Cybercrime in the banking sector has been extremely rampant over the last few years and it seems the newest trend is people pretending to be employed by your bank asking for your details.

Considering that a number of banks have already sent out warnings, even if you’re not banked with FBC or CBZ this is something to stay on the lookout for.

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