Press Release: Industry Minister To Open 5th Customer Service Symposium

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Industry and Commerce Minister Mangaliso Ndlovu will headline this year’s Zimbabwe Customer Experience and Service Delivery Symposium, which enters its fifth edition.

Appropriately themed ‘Towards Vision2030: Building Customer and Citizen Centric Service Delivery’, the event is expected to bring together the public and private sectors, highlighting the significance of positive customer experiences for businesses.

The event is being hosted by the Chartered Institute of Customer Management (CICM). The institute is a globally-recognised customer service and call center professional board, which carries out a series of customer-centric conferences across Sub Saharan Africa.

Over 150 delegates are expected to attend the Symposium, which aims to enhance customer experience and service delivery in Zimbabwe.

Experts say business growth (and resultantly wider economic growth) has a strong correlation to a firm’s approach to customer experience and service delivery.

CICM chief executive officer Dr Ricky Harris said the Symposium will bring new insights into effective service delivery in both the public and private sectors, and how they can contribute to further economic development.

“The growth of an economy and any business is directly related to the organisation’s approach to customer experience and service delivery. Customer loyalty is becoming a much bigger, broader, richer and complex idea than it has ever been before.

“Companies that focus on customer experience have a huge competitive advantage over companies that do not. Customers are now more empowered, want to get personalized service and have a great and easy experience. However, customer experience doesn’t just live in the customer support teams. Companies need to truly be successful, companies need to involve every employee in the customer experience,” she said.

According to the organisers, this year`s conference will bring delegates from the local, regional and international corporate community and representatives from parastatals and Government departments to share ideas on Zimbabwe’s service delivery status at the macro level.

The Symposium will focus on insightful presentations and thoughtful dialogue around critical issues such as service delivery and standards for social and economic transformation; unpacking the public sector performance management framework for service delivery; technology as an enabler for excellent customer experience; how to improve returns on business intelligence through effective CRM data investment, and contact centres as a new frontier for client engagement.

“Furthermore delegates will get customer satisfaction insights from the presentation of the 2019 National Customer Satisfaction Index report, that provides industry bench-marking data,” added Dr Harris.

The National Customer Satisfaction Index is an indicator on how companies are performing in terms of customer satisfaction at a sectorial level.

And Zimbabwe’s top 10-rated companies in terms of customer satisfaction will be showcased at the event.