{Picture} How Zimsec June Results Appear On The Online Portal

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ZIMSEC, Grade 7, O-level, A-level Results Exam papers O Level 2020

Since yesterday when we announced that you can now access your results online, some have been asking us if anybody has successfully viewed their results online. Well, the answer is: Yes some students have accessed their results already. Check out the following screenshot of the results which one student sent us:

A bunch of complains we have been receiving from those attempting to see their results include issues such as failure to load the webpage or failure to log in. I can only say that you have to keep on trying because Zimsec’s (poorly designed) system could be suffocating from a flood of students who will be trying to access their results simultaneously.

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What’s your take?

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  1. Anonymous

    its not working properly

  2. Cido Maurukira

    Its not working for sure don’t knw why guyz

  3. Steve Nguluvhe

    Its not working for sure

  4. Steve Nguluvhe

    Its not working absolutely

  5. Charity Mutema

    It’s not working

  6. anonymous

    mine its saying account halted

  7. Anonymous

    I oppened a portal account bt its showing nothing .not even my statement of entry

    1. Nicole

      Which link did you use I can try it


    It’s not working for sure…I’ve bin trying

  9. Anonymous

    Not working for sure

  10. Anonymous

    It’s not showing anything it started saying halted now it’s saying error occurred while processing

  11. Anonymous

    Its not working too fo m

  12. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    These TechZim guys don’t proof read their work. They are also contributing to the “errors” users are experiencing. The links provided in the previous article are wrong, the correct links are:

    1. Alvine Chaparadza

      Sorry and thanks. We have updated the links in the article

    2. Tomas

      These are really the correct links guys

  13. Anonymous

    not working and just frustrating

  14. Anonymous

    Nothing working besides the frustration

  15. Hot Recharge Boss

    Those those who are failing inbox details to on app

  16. Stanley chenyungwa

    I think result are not yet out

    1. liona

      i think so too they are not out

  17. I hate zim

    Totozongomaona live on Monday🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  18. Martha Muzvidzwa

    its not working now ryt

  19. Tynash

    ChiApplication chakaneta

  20. Denzel

    It not working at all its just saying error

  21. Denere Mercy

    It’s also not working for me it’s been two days.

  22. Sheron

    I think it’s unfair for the Board to play with candidates emotions, if the app was not yet ready to launch you should have just waited or fixed the problem, since this is now a different sitting from last. Surely its lack of professionalism or should I say serioness! People have been waiting forever to see their results and u promise that they can view before collection. Then this joke? Please….

  23. Nicole

    Not working

  24. Nicole

    dd/mm/yy lam puting my date of birth month and year like this 18/02/87but still isn’t work what must I do

  25. SAM

    The website is working. What you have to do is to first create an account then you use that account to login. Your results will then be presented. I am writing this at 12:23pm on the 18th of August 2019 and confirm that the website is working 100%. Remember first create an account and use the username and password to login.

  26. Sehlule

    I have registered an account on the Zimsec portal to view my results but i cant log in it says invalid login attempt so wat should i do

  27. Anonymous

    This is not working all ,why playing with our emotions nxaaa

    1. Venah

      This thing is not working can anyone help me

  28. David

    This is not working all ,why playing with our emotions nxaaa

  29. Alexious

    It’s working. I did it on Friday and accessed my results. Thank you zimsec

  30. Godknows Chimhanda

    Its saying failed to load

  31. tinashe

    Its sayin error occured while processin your request

  32. Sydney

    It’s not working

  33. Anonymous

    Its not working

  34. Anonymous

    eeey tz nt wrkn’

  35. Anonymous

    Guys this is too much. Kungotipedzera data henyu

    1. Anonymous

      It’s working

      1. Onlyme

        tionese ako kana aita kwete kungoti it’s working

  36. Anonymous

    hachishande ichi

  37. Anonymous

    madofo anonetsa kutadzwo izvi.simple unozopasa sei

    1. Anonymous

      kkkk simple

  38. Christine

    Zviri kuramba

  39. previe

    Ndiudzeuiwo kut mazviita sei

    1. Anonymous

      instructions are there on the page follow them and your are in.simple

  40. Bea

    It will work but it will not work
    Simple 💁

  41. mandyville

    Thank you Zimsec. You have made life easy. It’s working guys. I thnk following instructions is the key esp password. Kana usina kuita type yavanoda haaaaa haulume.

  42. Anonymous

    It’s not working

  43. Delight

    Not working

  44. Unknown

    Been trying since last night can’t even load page .

    Do something please

  45. Philosophy

    I want to see my o’level June result please help

  46. Michelle Ngona

    Its not working eish

  47. Joseph

    I can’t have access to my results. It’s reporting”candidate with supplied details not found”,what may be the problem

  48. Anonymous

    I have have logged in but it is reporting “candidate with supplied details not found” what may be that problem