Online Application Portal For Nurses Already Down

Farai Mudzingwa Avatar

The Zimbabwean government isn’t consistent about many issues, but one of the few things they are consistent about is their ability to create websites that malfunction. The online application portal for nursing, which was open yesterday is already down.

The system which was meant to deal with corruption is failing the most basic of tasks for a website – actually being available. If history is anything to go by, I would guess these are congestion issues. When portal’s like the ZIMSEC results portal got coverage in media and people got wind of the portal’s existence it suddenly stopped working and it appears the same thing might be happening again. eMAP (online portal for applying for boarding schools) is also notorious for not working to the point where some suggested that you can only login in after midnight when other parents are sleeping.

Yesterday there were issues with the nursing portal and I failed to register as something was wrong with the EcoCash integration. I kept getting an error message that read “The system was unable to process your payment”.

Considering the portal has a tight deadline of 15 August, downtime is even more unacceptable as it limits the number of people who will be able to get their applications in before the closure of the portal.

The government has a history of having trouble keeping their websites afloat which was unacceptable but less so since most of the websites just contained information and did not necessarily have call to actions like the results and application portals.

With e-governance being one of the key targets of the Vision2030 crew, it’s hard to see how other processes will be brought online if the government finds it excruciatingly difficult to keep a few websites afloat.