{Updated}June Zimsec ‘O’ and ‘A’ Results Are Out. Now You Can Check Your Results Online

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Initially, the article contained wrong/inaccessible Zimsec links but we have amended it. Sorry for misleading you.

Its that time of the year again. The Zimbabwe Schools Examinations Council (ZIMSEC) has announced that the June 2019 ‘O’ and ‘A’ results out. As promised two weeks ago by the exam board, the results are accessible via its (sometimes) unreliable portal which you can visit on the following two web addresses:

How to access your results

  • Visit the website by clicking this link or this link
  • Click “register as a new user
  • Enter centre number (the code of your school), candidate number, username
  • When you are done, go back to the homepage where you will enter your newly-created username and password and boom! You will see your results.

For a detailed explanation of how you can access your results, read this article: How To Access Your Zimsec O’Level Results Online

Also read: Answers To Questions About The Zimsec Online Results Portal


What’s your take?

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  1. Tanya

    The results are unaccessible on their platform😰😰

    1. musa

      The results arent accessible

  2. Zato

    The results aren’t viewable

    1. Calvin

      I can’t access them..

  3. Bernard

    The results are not accessible….why?

  4. Anonymous

    not accessible

  5. Anonymous

    The results aren’t viewable……its a pity…….

  6. Anonymous

    failed to access my results……its a pity…….

  7. Anonymous

    I failed to access

  8. Adiona Tsemwa

    Can’t access

  9. Felistus

    I can’t find mine too

  10. Anonymous

    The results cant be viewed why?

  11. Anonymous

    The results cant be viewed why?

  12. kumbirai foti

    failed to access

  13. Anonymous

    Link not opening

  14. Nicole

    The results are not accessible why

  15. Nicole

    The results are not accessible

  16. Anonymous

    chakaora chinhu ichi. its not working

  17. Anonymous

    The portal is not accessible my results. Does it time to do that

  18. Fancy

    cant access my results

  19. welly

    haaaa hapana chiri kuoneka

  20. Anonymous

    managed to access the results.Thank you !

  21. Abn

    managed to access the results.Thank you !

    1. Elisha Mhlanga

      How dd yu manage i hv been trying several times but no progress

  22. Hamadi munyaradzi

    Hapana chinhu apa nonsense

  23. Anonymous

    But why and how??? Ndanzi candidate already registered another account.. How is that possible??

    1. Anonymous

      just pick a new name that you will remember pakuzologer in… i just accessed mine

      1. Nico

        How did you do it

    2. Patience homela

      Zvakadhakwa ini vari kti correct date of birth l have tried 100 times by dololo

  24. Tinashe

    just saw my results. thank you Lord

  25. Anonymous

    Can’t access the results

    1. Anonymous

      Me too

    2. Thelma Chikasha

      Me too

  26. Nation

    So others varikuona or kunyepa inini i tried vanhu 8 bt parikungoita error

  27. guywhoneedshelp

    saying candidate already has another account..help

    1. Anonymous

      Mine too… Candidate already registered another account

      1. Anonymous

        Mee too ma1

      2. Psuedo

        Someone has already registered on ur behalf kkk

      3. Baba Ethalo

        Mine is saying account not yet activated

  28. Anonymous

    Can’t manage to see my results. This thing is boring

  29. Bekimpilo

    can’t see my results ,says my name is not in the system

    1. Ellen Zvenyika

      even mine guys haasi kubuda iri kuti pane munhu akatarosaso Wat can l do

  30. chido

    its saying error occured while trying to process results help!

    1. Anonymous

      Same to me

  31. Anonymous

    got mine… anx

    1. Anonymous

      How I can get mine

  32. Anonymous

    Anyone manage to view result?

  33. Anonymous

    saying candidate already has another account..help

  34. Trey

    It’s not working

  35. Anonymous

    Kuoneka ari kuoneka, wngu mufec atomaona. Hnzi account already taken help fam

  36. melisa

    thanks l have got mine

  37. Anonymous

    cant access my results

    page yacho irikutoramba kuvhura

  38. Anonymous

    angu ndamaona buh ma1 … kip tryng avo varikuti arikuramba ..cuz systm ycho iruwandirwa

  39. Anonymous

    Can’t see mine help

  40. Hargie

    Can’t find mine …

  41. Anonymous

    find mine ….

  42. Laurel Obriee

    It worked for me…..

    1. Eukeria Kadzonga


  43. Anonymous

    This thing..help me it says candidate already has another account wat can i do

  44. Nyasha Machisi

    It said details supplied not found

  45. Eukeria Kadzonga

    I am curious hey and can’t find mine😪

  46. never

    Candidate with supplied details not found. What to do, any ideas, please say something.

  47. Abel Muderere

    Since mor

  48. Abel Muderere

    To those who found there results what did you do guys am not find mine

  49. Abel Muderere

    To those who found there results what did you do guys am not finding mine

  50. Eukeria Kadzonga

    To those who said its worked please can you tell us how did you made it

  51. Ulathi

    Guys anyone with the link

    1. Anonymous

      Guys l can’t access my results since yesterday morning am tired am giving up😢

      1. Isabel Chigiji Pure

        This is amaizing

  52. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    These TechZim guys don’t proof read their work. The links provided in the article are wrong, the correct links are:

    1. Alvine Chaparadza

      Sorry and thanks. We have updated the links in the article

  53. Tafadzwa C Mhlanga

    I check my result

  54. Drikky senpai

    Nothing seems to be working in relation to this site, nothing at all!!!

  55. Anonymous

    after entering the requirements you still get a nonsensical statement about something else.If you are not sure of your website do not waste our data


    I am still not able to access my results though l am following the links. Is there any other option? Please help.

    1. Anonymous

      Am still not able to also see my results ayy pliz help

      1. Brian

        Mybe yu are going wrong on the username and password . On username start wth a capital letter then on password write (ur name123&…
        Do as follows

    2. Anonymous

      Go paGooglethen type zimsec portal exams andthen go panelink ineiripo https://dcmv1.zimsec.co.zw

    3. Makape

      Go paGooglethen type zimsec portal exams andthen go panelink ineiripo https://dcmv1.zimsec.co.zw

  57. Achieve


  58. hala tin….

    haaaa its nt workin …..zimsec dnt fool us pliz

  59. Florence

    Haaa error it’s not working

    1. ZimSec WarVet

      Ikungoti error processing request what should i do

    2. Florence

      Mine also error like going crazeee aaah

  60. Jojo

    Does not work, says no spaces allowed but my user name has no space

  61. Christine Nyanzero

    I can’t access my results at all.I have gone through all processes and have registered but when I login to access my results I get an error notification. Can someone help

  62. Cecilia

    Its not accessing the results. Just stuck pakanzi portal results

  63. Melody

    Am also failing to access the results n what can be the problem

  64. Anonymous

    mine saying results not found

  65. Mutsa Mashingauta

    Mine is saying ‘candidate with supplied details not found’. What could be the problem? Please help

  66. Lily

    Zvikubowa izvi ikungoti Error

  67. Anonymous

    i have gone crazy tryna searching for em buh heeey zvikuramba zimsec musadaro

  68. rumbie

    i have gone crazy tryna searching for em buh heeey zvikuramba zimsec musadaro

  69. Epheso

    zimsec guys didn’t put our results on Portal that all

  70. Leon Scotch

    This link does not work. I can not access my results.

  71. Taftiyah

    Its not working ikungotaura zvkti hee atleast one non letter or digit then if i fix it yotaura the opposite…nekudhura kwedata sure

  72. Natalie

    this is not working at all have tried and tried its saying candindate with supplied details not found

  73. previe

    Ikuramba zimsec tipeiwo link chaiyo

  74. Anonymous

    This isn’t working at all can they improve their services please

  75. Guina

    you are starting with the name instead of surname

  76. trymore kabanda

    not working at all. just saying error when processing your request. please assist.

    1. litsoman

      Now working try again

  77. Skynet

    Anx for the links met a few challenges buh finally got thru…..to all those who haven’t accessed their results keep on trying guys on the new links provided also b patient

  78. Nezvihwi Leonard

    Mmm ma1ihave tried bt hey after spending a lot in data

  79. Nyasha M..

    Superb ha it works hey but l believe it works when the system is not overloaded by users trying to access their results, just searched for someone now and ha there were the results and ha the opening of the pages was very fast so l believe just try to access your candidate account during late hours where there will be few or no users at all and your result will show l believe cause just did it now and during daylight l was facing the same problems you were all facing guys where it would say error loading your request…so try it now if you are reading this and see.

  80. Nyasha M..

    Its worth a try…but am not 100% sure if itll work for all those who will do what l have just said if they wanna..

  81. Ishmael J

    umm am tried a lot but if i follow instructions it changes the error statement even if i correct the error and follow instructions.


    It works but first read the instructions on how to create an account and how to log in.Try it out and see,its easy.

    1. Anonymous

      Plus l heard the result potal closes 5 days after the publishing of the results, dont know if thats true.

  83. Anonymous

    it worked for me

    1. Anonymous


  84. belinda

    is there a way of accesing the results without the link on whatsapp? if so please assist

  85. Anonymous

    Not working

  86. Anonymous

    this websites is closed bcoz mine ikut invalid login attempt

    1. Namatirai

      Ummm trying igonona kuita dnt give up

  87. Anonymous

    haaa guyz chikurama wanii

  88. Samuel Makumbe

    wow thats interesting Zimbabwean tech is increasing, although the system is still slower

  89. tadie

    No longer working guys

  90. tadie

    Help guys

  91. Anonymous

    aaah help gyz

  92. Veronica Mudinzwa

    It isn’t working

  93. smartezh Calton

    pakaipa lalala haasi kuoneka why

  94. smartezh

    musadaro soooo vanhu vezimsec

  95. Prince Qiniso Dube

    I cant access my results???

  96. Thierry

    Chakadhakwa chinhu ichi almost everyone havasati vaona maresults avo

  97. Lestencia Maurukira

    Haaa we can’t see our results why ??

  98. Sibusiso

    Mine are lost um searching them here i cant find them please help