Free Vaya For Healthcare Workers As Vaya Launches Carpool & Shuttle Services

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As exclusively reported a few months back, Vaya has finally launched their Carpool and Shuttle services and they will be testing out the service by giving free rides for all workers at registered hospitals and clinics for 30 days.

Carpool (which seems to be labelled Vaya Club on their website) will allow three people to share a ride and cut costs whilst Shuttle allows 10 people (minimum) to hail a minibus instead.

Media reports suggest that Vaya has been testing out Corporate Shuttle in which companies can order minibuses to take their staff to and from home – hoping to ease the burden that the fuel challenges and transport costs have placed on citizens throughout the country.

Head of Vaya’s Business Unit Dorothy Zimuto, explained that the decision to roll out and give free rides to nurses was made after consideration of the economic situation:

We know how hard it is out there and we wanted to find a way to show our own appreciation to people who save lives every single day.

Dorothy Zimuto

How will this work?

Hospitals and clinics should apply to use the service and once they get approved, they can register each employee who then gets a digital pass they can use on the minibus. The digital pass will only be applied through the Vaya application, therefore, every health care worker is urged to download the application. No smartphone, no party.

Doctors and senior administrators will get to use a different service – Carpool.

Vaya says they expect massive uptake of the service as companies want to help their workers and for companies that give transport allowances this will be an option to look into to attempt to solve the issue of ever-rising transport fees.

What about schools?

Vaya Shuttle will be opening up for schools next month and is being trialled by Econet employees and their children right now. One of the features Vaya officials are touting is the ability of parents to track the journey on their phone which they believe should give parents peace of mind.