Ethiopian PM: If Deemed Necessary, Internet Could Be Closed Permanently

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Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has come out and said that if unrest in the country continues to be spurred on by online incitement internet connectivity could be cut off for good.

For sake of national security, internet and social media could be blocked any time necessary. As long as it is deemed necessary to save lives and prevent property damages, the internet would be closed permanently, let alone for a week.

We shut the internet down to save lives,Internet services is not water or air that we breath, if we found enough reason to cut we will cut it across the country

Abiy Ahmed

A few weeks ago, Ethiopian authorities shut down the internet during exams in order to prevent cheating. The Ethiopian government is trigger happy when it comes to shutting down the internet but it isn’t the only African country to do so.

In January, our own government shut down the internet in response to protests, which saw business slow down to a halt for a week and countries like Liberia, Gabon and DRC have all done the same in the last few years. Chad is an extreme case, as social media access was been banned for 16 months with access only being restored last month.



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