Econet’s USSD Would Be Perfect If It Copies Netone

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Whilst I was compiling the new prices of data and SMSs bundles, I could not help but notice how frustrating it is to use Econet’s USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data). It’s USSD really needs some work.

What’s up with Econet’s USSD

Well, the only problem I have with Econet’s USSD is that one has to repetitively keep dialing *143# to get back to the main Menu of the USSD. When I was compiling Econet’s data bundes prices, I had to take great pains dialing the USSD code: *143# six times just to get back to the main Menu.

This could be easily avoided by just adding a functionality of being able to return back to the USSD menu without having to dial the USSD code again (and again and again).

What about Netone’s USSD?

But Netone’s USSD is the polar opposite of Econet’s. On Netone’s USSD, one can navigate the USSD without repetitively dialing the USSD code: *171#. Netone makes it possible to navigate it’s USSD by utilising a hash sign “#”. For instance after purchasing your bundles or requesting balance, one is able to go back to the main USSD menu by just entering a “#”. Check the screenshots below:

Maybe I’m being petty but when you use Netone’s USSD you’d feel and understand where I’m coming from. In a world where user-experience is now being prioritised, I guess you can forgive me for being so fastidious about such a (little) thing. And also, judging by the geeks who are pining for trivial things like bazel-less phones, maybe I’m better by comparison to cry out for a better USSD user experience.

I would be glad if Econet takes a leaf out of Netone’s copy book and make it possible to easily navigate it’s USSD. Are you with me?

P.S By the time of publishing this article, I couldn’t test a Telecel sim card to see if their USSD is like Netone’s or Econet’s. If it’s like Netone’s USSD then, I praise them too but if not then they I hope they will tweak their USSD too.


What’s your take?

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  1. Anonymous

    I think Econet deliberately avoids putting this in their USSD menu because of the vast amounts of requests that go through their systems since they have the most subscribers in the country. By having a frustrating system as the one they currently have, one is forced to spend less time on accessing USSD menus rather choosing to do whatever transaction or accessing whatever service once. Its like they deliberately do not advance to somewhat frustrate subscribers from staying too long on USSD menus.

    1. Always off Topic

      Ohh my goodness these Econet fanboys !!!!! What BS.
      I suppose one could use that excuse also for their expensive data. (They have too many subscribers so they charge more to prevent people from hogging all the bandwith, ha ha, ha) .

      Sounds like some nonsense straight from Zanu PF propaganda play book.

  2. Anonymous

    I totaly agree. I have always wished Econet had that ‘#’ return to main menu function.

  3. Clifford

    In part you are right. I would further say if they improved their customer care service centre and were reasonable on their tarriffs, then they would be perfect.