Download Technites And Get $3 Dollars Airtime Says Econet

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Going through the Herald (print edition) I came across a pretty interesting advert. The ad belonged to Technites – yes that still exists- and it was prompting me (the reader) to download the Technites and also get $3 in airtime – presumably Econet airtime since Technites is an Econet subsidiary.

The app was said to be available on both the Google Play Store and Apple Store so I decided to get it and see if I would get the airtime as suggested. I went on the Google Play Store and searched for the app, but that’s where the confusion starts.

The Technites app that popped up requires a 37MB download. $3 gets you 40 MB data which means by the time you’ve downloaded and registered for the app you’ve used up more than $3 airtime.

And that’s before we mention the fact that redeeming this airtime will be extremely hard as is usually the case when Econet uses these promotions to increase usage.

Anyway, with all those doubts I still downloaded the app and attempted to sign up using my number before realising I need to sign up from the website. When I tried to visit the technites website in the ad that too wasn’t working. Safe to say I haven’t gotten my $3 yet…

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  1. Wisey

    still nothing? wana knoe f ts worth it b4 i waste my precious airtime