Check Out Which Country Pays The Most & Least For DStv – Zimbabwe Ranks Decently

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DStv is going to cut prices in some African countries on the first of September and some of my fellow countryman are saying that our prices should be reduced as well because as it is they are relatively too high.

Well, it’s now time to see for yourself whether DStv is demanding too much in Zimbabwe than it does it other Sub-saharan African countries. The following table shows how much is paid to subscribe to Dstv’s Premium Boquet.

PositionCountryDStv Premium price in domestic currencyDStv Premium Price in US Dollars (USD)
1AngolaAKZ 12500$35
2NigeriaNGN 15 800$44
3South AfricaZA 809$53
4SwazilandSZL 809$53
5NamibiaNAD 809$53
6BotswanaBWP 600$54
7GhanaGHS 330$60
8ZambiaZMW 850$65
9ZimbabweUSD $65$65
10TanzaniaTZS 169 000$74
11MauritiusRs 2700$75
12UgandaUDX 280 000$76
13KenyaKES 7 900$77
14MozambiqueMZN 4700$77
15MalawiMWK 56 350$78
16Other Countries$80$80
18Cote d’IvoreCFA 59 000$100

NB: Other countries, include countries like Senegal, Chad, Cape Verde, Rwanda, Burundi, Liberia, Cameroon, Benin, Burkina Faso, Gambia, Djibouti,Mauritania, Madagascar, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Togo and Eritrea.

There you have it Zimbabwe folks, DStv is not reaping you off. With Zimbabwe sitting at the 9th position, it pays $40 less than DRC subscribers who pay the most and pays $30 more than Angola subscribers who pay the least.

Now that the debate on whether we are being exorbitantly charged is settled, I think its fitting to now ask whether DStv’s prices are affordable to the average Zimbabwean or not. But it’s a conversation for another day.

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What’s your take?

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  1. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    Exorbitant is relative to the country’s economy and subscriber numbers, not just the amount being paid. DRC was at war recently, it possibly has way less subscribers than Zim and it might be an elite targeted product there.

    Angola with 3 times our GDP pays less. This is could be a subscriber numbers issue. Another factor is whether the subscriptions are taxed and to what degree.

    1. Phidza

      More subscribers in Angola? I seriously doubt that. DSTV has predominantly English content and Angola is a Portuguese speaking country. DSTV competes with ZAP(150 channels) and about 6 other Portuguese language satellite services. DSTV is not popular in Angola, I think that’s why Multichoice priced it down there. I don’t understand though why it’s priced higher in other Francophone countries.

      1. JayDeeBee

        Phidza, DStv is hugely popular in Angola, it has a Portuguese package. Also popular with Mozambique subscribers!

        1. Phidza

          Yes, DSTV has a Portuguese package that’s fairly popular with people in Angola. DSTV Portuguese is popular in Lusophone countries, but DSTV Premium is not. ZAP beats DSTV in the premium market in Angola. The argument is around DSTV Premium.

  2. Cool-Headed Black

    I agree with this reasoning… A good business model must match the cost of their middle package of Compact to the average Per Capita Income of the middle class in any economy…

    Meaning executive and managerial perks must be trimmed to size country by country, n they will easily dominate the market