Aspiring Entreprenuers! You May Need To Apply For CBZ’s Youth Entrepreneurs Program

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Its that time of year again when CBZ and Empowered Life Trust(ELT) call for applications from aspiring entrepreneurs to participate in the Youth Entreprenuers Program (YEP). Kudos to CBZ and ELT for keeping the program alive for the fourth successive year as it is changing young people’s lives in across Zimbabwe.

As it is, YEP has trained over 3000 youths in 10 provinces and at least 400 businesses have been opened by the program’s alumni. Perhaps the most inspiring fact is that one youth who took part in YEP got so successful such that she was featured in Forbes Africa magazine.

About YEP in 2019

The 2019 edition has been divided into two parts that is the Start-ups category (Businesses which are still at idea stage up to one year of operation) with the top prize of RTGS$12,000 and the Established Businesses (Maximum of three years in operation) with the top prize of RTGS$10,000.

All applicants will go through a 1 month free online course and business coaching with the success coach Jonah Mungoshi, 200 successful participants will be selected to attend a Northern Region Workshop in Harare and 200 will also be selected to attend a Southern Region Workshop in Bulawayo to receive further training and have an opportunity to network with other like-minded young entrepreneurs from other parts of the country. 20 successful participants will battle it out at the YEP BOOT Camp to be held at a local life adventure camp site where they will have an opportunity to pitch their businesses in front of a panel of judges. 10 best young entrepreneurs will receive exciting and incredible prizes on a colorful awards ceremony to be held early next year.


YEP only accepts applications from people aged between 18 and 35 years.

Submitting the application

Applications can be done through [CBZ’s] extensive branch network as well as an online portal

When are applications closing

This Friday, 23August 2019. Unfortunately, applications have been open since the 1st of August but if you are really determined you can make your application before the 23rd of August.

More info about YEP

For more information regarding the YEP program and other entrepreneurship related questions call/app the YEP Call Centre number: 0782 489 653. Or click on the link below to watch the call for application in video format

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  1. annie

    i would just like to know where the winners are announced and showed cause its been long since i saw some winners being announced

  2. Emmanuel Mhetu

    That money will you pay it back to them or not.

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