Apple’s Face ID Can Be Bypassed By Using A Pair Of Glasses &Tape

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Apple has been flaunting the security and privacy its 3D face recognition technology Face ID offers over Touch ID for quite some time now. Finally, researchers have managed to bypass the security of Face ID by finding a method to unlock iPhones secured with Face ID without the owner’s permission.

The details of the attack were explained on Black Hat USA 2019 which is an annual security conference. Researchers were able to get into the victim’s iPhone by using a modified pair of glasses. The glasses have a combination of white and black tape pasted on them and they call it the “X-glasses”- which you can see below

All you have to do is place this odd-looking glasses on the victim’s face. I know that is easier said than
done as you can’t possibly convince a person to wear these pair of glasses in their sane mind but the chances are limitless when they are unconscious or drunk. Using X-glasses, the researchers were able to unlock a victim’s iPhone and transfer money from his account, thanks to Face ID authentication method for payments.

We will have to wait to see how Apple deals with this security concern affecting their iPhones. Apple is more likely to find a solution to this issue soon, especially since the it’s concerned about the security of its products.

Image credit: The Indian Express

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  1. Smartarz

    this is a bit misleading from you techzim (ie. clickbait) . if you read the finer details , this only evades the “liveness” function of faceid . you still need to have the actual victim present and wearing these glasses . this is not something that anyone can do