Apple Vs Samsung: Which Smartphone Maker Offers The Fastest Download Speeds?

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In a new survey to analyze consumer mobile experience, it has been found that Samsung phones offer faster download speeds than Apple and Huawei. The study was conducted by Opensignal across 73 countries and over 18,000 unique smartphone models were taken under study.

According to Opensignal, Samsung devices produced faster download speeds than Apple and Huawei in 35% of the 40 countries analyzed. Globally, high-tier (the category is based on network capabilities and for this report means those with support for LTE Category 16 and above) Samsung users experienced average download speeds of 26.6 Mbps, compared to 25.1 Mbps for Apple iPhone users and 24.4 Mbps for those with Huawei handsets.

For Samsung, they shine in the high-tier category on devices, however, in the mid-tier and lower-tier category, it loses out to Huawei. Apart from download speed, higher-end Samsung devices also offer higher upload speed which is important for streamers. On top of that, the newer flagship devices also provide lower latency which is crucial for mobile gaming.

Generally speaking the performance of different Smartphones is far more likely to be hobbled by mobile network capacity than that of their own chipsets, although certainly some models do ship with more capable 4G modems than others.

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