Answers To Questions About The Zimsec Online Results Portal

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Who can view/access results

Only “registered candidates who sat for the examinations” can view their results on the Zimsec portal.

What is the web address of the Zimsec portal?

The portal is accessible on two web addresses, which are:

I’m failing to view my results. What can I do?

It seems like the portal is failing to handle the huge amount of requests by students who want to view their results so most times the portal is not fully functional.

But some students who eventually viewed their results were saying that they just kept on trying until they were successful. So keep on trying hey, you could be lucky.

When will you stop seeing your results on the portal?

Zimsec said the portal will only be opened for 5 days after it’s opened. So the portal will be closed on Wednesday 21 August 2019.

How do the results look like online?

Click this link to see how the June Zimsec results appear online.

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  1. Lewiz

    This does not seem to work..I’ve tried it since morning, no result.
    Its such a huge dropback from the ZIMSEC department because some of us want to see how our children did but it does not seem to help.

  2. Chrolone Majangara

    Its not working tried sooo many times

  3. Sehlule

    Since saturday afternoon ive been trying but to no avail how then is the portal of any help

  4. Mwembe Lisiye M

    I filled the form and registered then now if i tap at candidate results .it says error occurred while processing

  5. Anonymous

    i managed to open now am getting different results what is happening. The first set of results are different from today when I was opening again are you still updating portals

  6. Busi

    Have done the registration8hrs ago but on log in it is saying account not yet activated. What must I do, reregistering has failed, saying already registered

  7. Richard

    My wishes comes from my lord

  8. Richard

    My wishes my possession comes from my lord only all things will be okay no matte how long it takes but one day

  9. Mufura Munyaradzi

    My wish to overcome problems

  10. Toya

    Now during lock down how can l access my 2019 results .l wzn arnd when they come out

  11. Anonymous

    It’s saying candidate information not found

  12. Linda

    Im trying it now and its not working. Is it not for external students? It is telling that the candidate information can not be found.

  13. bigboydeco

    I have tried it a lot of times but irikutonditi ipapo hoo inoda kuti ndidii ndiitr heart attack ndakutora here mxxxm

  14. Eustina Maparadze

    What need to be done if there is no result and the status is M

  15. Tafadzwa machafa

    Ndaedza kuregester but iri kuramba iri kuti the candidate has already regestered it seems someone akaba madetails angu ndoita sei kuti zviite

  16. Elson

    Its saying candidate information not found

  17. Charity

    It says candidate information not found