4 (Lucrative) Businesses Happening Entirely On WhatsApp In Zimbabwe

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The widespread use of WhatsApp in Zimbabweans has inspired some people with an irrepressible entreprenurial spirit to come up with some businesses that are done entirely on the messaging app. By “entirely”, I’m talking about businesses that are intiated and completed on WhatsApp without people ever meeting in person. Logically, these type of businesses involve intangible goods.

So now allow me to let you know some of the businesses that are entirely happening on WhatsApp in Zimbabwe.


I’m fairly certain that you have heard of our service that allows you to buy airtime via WhatsApp. By simply sending less than 2 messages to Techzim WhatsApp number, one is able to make a payment through EcoCash and receive their airtime in less than 2 minutes. This whole process is automated such that you won’t be duped of your money.

Besides, using Techzim’s WhatsApp bot to buy airtime, some are buying from individuals whom they would have met through WhatsApp. However, the process used by these individuals is not automated so there are high chances that you will be duped. You have to trust that these individuals will send your airtime after you make your payment.


And then there are folks who are making some money by advertising for people on WhatsApp.
I conversed with someone who does this and he told me the ins and outs of this line of business. He said that he’s a member to over 400 groups so he uses his membership in these groups to share/advertise whatever products or service you’d have contracted him to advertise. He advertises things such as tour packages, clothes and other sellable stuff. For running this ‘WhatsApp Advertising agency’, he makes an average of ZWL $400 per month. How’s that?


If you are a tenant (or a potential tenant rather), imagine the convenience of receiving accommodation listings straight into your WhatsApp?

Well, somebody is making money out of offering this convenience. I actually subscribed to this service last month for $10. Having subscribed, I received lists of vacant rooms and houses on a daily basis. I must say that I really liked the service although I wasn’t content with the number of houses/rooms that were listed.

Actually, I talked to the guy behind Deepleague which offers this service. Deepleague has been delivering this service for 5 years and he says that they have a lot of subscribers. However, he didn’t disclose the average monthly revenue they earn through their service.

Despite the success of the businesses, one of the challenges that Deepleague face is that some revenue is lost through unscrupulous subscribers who forward the listings to people who are not sibscribed to the service. And then there are some people who edit and sale the listings sent by Deepleague which further deprives it more revenue.


Since last year there has been a boom in Zimbabwe’s cryptocurrency market. With the banning of exchanges like Golix, local crypto holders have formed a WhatsApp community where willing buyers and willing sellers meet- kind of a WhatsApp cryptocurrency marketplace.

I spoke to one guy who’s into the business of buying and selling Bitcoin on WhatsApp in Zimbabwe. This guys is arguably the biggest buyer and seller in Zimbabwe right now.

He says he finds most of his customers on WhatsApp and almost all the business (buying and selling Bitcoin) entirely happens on WhatsApp without ever meeting a buyer or seller in person. On a good day he can process transactions worth $10 000 and in the process he pockets $50 profit.

In the process of making a name for himself as a got-to guy, he’s been scammed a few times by unscrupulous buyers or sellers who didn’t meet their end of the bargain. But now he’s gained a good reputation in the crypto circles such that when he meets a customer on WhatsApp he can demand payment or Bitcoin before he sends money or Bitcoin to another individual.

I’m sure I’ve missed some businesses that are happening entirely on WhatsApp so if you know some, just let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    Automation is not what prevents users from being duped. It is the intentions of the service provider. I can have a fully automated system designed to dupe people of their funds.🤷 You also assume airtime buyers trust TechZim, or the TechZim bot rather..

  2. Lucky

    Can I have the contacts of the guy you spoke to who advertises on WhatsApp, the one in over 400 groups. I am interested in advertising my business through him.