Zimtribes Is An Online Platform For Keeping Track Of & Uploading Family Lineages

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If ever you’ve wondered how long your family line extends or if the idea of keeping such information tickles your fancy, then Zimtribes is the website you’ve been waiting for.

Zimtribes in their own words is “… a platform where families can record and keep track of their history or lineage information that will help current and future generations. The platform also helps Zimbabweans to know how they are related to each other. In one way or the other, you are related to the person next to you or your neighbour.”

The website, therefore, allows you to track the lineage of families, clans and chiefdoms.

What family lineages look like on the website

The site started by Misheck Samanyanga (ex Jumia Country Manager for Zambia & Zimbabwe) isn’t run for profit and is more of a passion project trying to ensure that family heritage is taken more seriously and documented by more and more people.

Zimtribes is the first website in Zimbabwe to promote family heritage and relationship search and it was developed to freely help rather than for profit. Our passion lies in simplifying the way people keep family history. We are partly inspired by how the Bible chronicles tribes by name citing more than 20 generations. In Zimbabwe there are very few people who can count more than five generations going backwards, this will be a thing of the past, and going forward, the tenth generation from us should know us by name, habits,photo etc

If you want to construct a family tree on the website, simply do the following:

  1. Open www.zimtribes.com and click on register or log in if you already have an account- try to complete all of the most important details.
  2. After registering, log in and click on “Lineage” tab and this will allow you to add family members from yourself up to the last known grandfather and down to your children.
  3. Use the “Add Parent, Sibling, Child” buttons.
  4. Click on “Save” button after adding the family members.
  5. Go to the homepage and search your surname, totem, chief, town or village.

If any of this sounds attractive to you, you can check out the Zimtribes website.

[Update]: ZimTribes also has a blog where history writers can publish their articles. To get your content on the blog you can email info@zimtribes.com and they’ll upload the pieces to the blog


  1. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    I like the idea. They should clean up the website and make it user friendly though.

  2. Interest

    There’s alot of sensitive information…. Would not upload unless you happy with the security

  3. Net14lif

    The picture in techzim article give a make and photo please be careful

  4. Anonymous

    Good idea but it might be under construction, i uploaded information for 30 minutes saved and closed the website only to re open and find nothing!. Nxaaaaaa