Will Econet Struggle To Convince People To Use New Products/Services After Kwese Play?

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It looks like Kwese Play service is all but gone even though Econet assured users that the service will be restored. I think some of you can agree with me if I include Kwese Play on the list of failed products out of Econet’s factory. The failure of Kwese Play comes 7 months after the monumental failure of Kwese TV, which no doubt left people bitter. And this time it ain’t different, Kwese Play users are so bitter with Econet:


After its success in the telecommunications business, Econet has, of late, directed its efforts to the Media and Technology sector as part of the Telecommunications Media and Technology business model (TMT) but it seems like its failing to replicate the success it has enjoyed in the telecommunications.

The Media part (of TMT) was/is constituted by Kwese TV, Kwese Play and Kwese iflix. Already Kwese TV and Kwese Play are fallen heroes and Kwese iflix is still the standing soldier. The Technology part, which was/is constituted by all of Econet’s products which provide a platform, has many failed products too. For instance, Ecolife, Econet VoIP, Tenga, and Ecoshopper.

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. There are just too many babies from Econet that have prematurely died that’s why I now think it will be hard for Econet to introduce offerings in the future. In particular, Econet will struggle to gain users for products that will require the purchase of hardware. But yeah, there’s a good chance that products which come in the form of a software or app download will stand a good chance of easily gaining new users, provided its good. Its all about psychology.-There seems to be a higher level of commitment to start using a service that requires hardware purchase than that which only require purchasing a software download. Disappointment in the form of the service getting shut down will affect hardware purchasers more than software purchasers.

Accordingly, Econet’s future products like Kwese TV (purchase decoder and satellite dish) and Kwese Play (purchase Roku Box) will have to be exceptionally good to make customers forget the prospect of being left with souvenir of a failed product (you can easily forget a software product since you just have to uninstall it, but a hardware will continue to linger in your living room). The future is not all bleak for Econet as they can still introduce new hardware-less products for their Media and Technology. As for any hardware associated products, they have to be an exceptionally good product to relatively easily gain new users.

N.B In this article, I used product and service interchangeably.

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  1. Moyo murozvi

    Why are they not refunding people like what Go tv did. Customers were asked to bring back the gadgets and given their money back

    1. Doncarlos

      Because they are dishonest business people. Simple! We will use the dishes for rosting nuts

  2. Anonymous

    These Hypocrites are paying for their sins. They have been cheating innocent partners and consumers for too long and going away with it.God is not mocked.

  3. VaShoko

    Econet has become a criminal enterprise. We keep losing money to their services. And either their data does not last, or it just stops working until it expires… This is especially painful.

  4. Sagitarr

    I have just recharged an EW dongle with monthly data for $20 and am yet to get it to work – it simply won’t connect. To make matters worse I can only try to connect it around midnight when the owlish zesa comes back.
    I suspect that the EW hiring policy has now failed as witnessed by the string of failed projects some of which are limping along like ConnectedCar. They must eliminate the cancer of arrogance within their ranks asap…imho

  5. Morne

    Yes they must get what is coming to the I have 2 kwese box and now it’s standing

  6. Anonymous

    It’s time we all suied for puntive damages

  7. Anonymous

    Shows how desperate Zimbabweans are to have decent entertainment!

  8. Marius Beukes

    How do I re-flash this raped Roku device to allow me to watch Netflix and Youtube again on hardware I lawfully paid for? The Kwesi content sucked anyway… calling it content is a sin!